Eco-Craft Talk Artist/Scientist collaboration: Jessica Hodgson and Megan Westphal

Eco-Craft Talk
Artist/Scientist collaboration:
Jessica Hodgson and Megan Westphal 
Friday, October 28, 2022 at 7:00 pm
C2 Centre for Craft, 1-329 Cumberland Ave
In conjunction with the current exhibition on at C2 Centre for Craft, Eco-Craft, Jessica Hodgson and Megan Westphal will talk about their collaborative preparation for the exhibition, which consists of nine artist/scientist collaborations on view September 9 to October 29, 2022, curated by Seema Goel. Jessica and Megan’s talk is co-sponsored by the School of Art, University of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Craft Council.

About Eco-Craft:
It is with a sense of urgency and a perennial mix of despair and hopefulness that the Manitoba Craft Council presents Eco-Craft, a creative, cross-disciplinary collaboration of artists and scientists striving to address what is arguably the biggest challenge facing our generation: climate change. The rapidly deteriorating environment – the pan-species, world-wide crises that human behaviour patterns have given rise to – needs the sincere and sustained engagement of the craft community and creatives of all stripes.

Eco-Craft was made possible through a generous Manitoba Arts Council project grant, with additional support through core funding from Canada Council for the Arts and a multi-year programme grant from the Winnipeg Arts Council.