EDI Planning at MCML | Request for Proposal

Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library

RFP – EDI Planning

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library is a dynamic small museum with a focus on craft.   MCML is located in the C2 Centre for Craft, a facility shared with the Manitoba Craft Council. As such, it is an exciting venue for those interested in craft and art, as it features both historic and contemporary work.  The MCML collection is one of the oldest in Manitoba, having been established in the early 1930s.   It now houses over 11,000 hand crafted items, craft related archival holdings, and craft tools.  Through our collections, MCML interprets the rich craft history of Manitoba.

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library seeks a motivated and enthusiastic individual to consult on a variety of EDI planning tasks. Earlier in 2022 MCML approved a new Strategic Plan. The selected consultant will develop a more detailed plan for the next 2-3 years, setting MCML on the right path towards more equity, diversity and inclusion, and to ensure that we have realistic and achievable goals for the next three years and beyond.

 Excerpt from 2022 MCML Strategic Plan

Increase MCML’s inclusivity, diversity, and connectivity – make MCML more accessible by engaging with underserved communities, building and expanding partnerships, and removing barriers to participation.

  1. Develop a diversity, equity, and inclusion approach to the work of MCML that lives up to the spirit of Reconciliation while also ensuring community representation in the collections
  2. Strengthen partnerships and relationships with other groups such as museums or community organizations in order to further the mission
  3. Engage in outreach efforts to promote the organization and build interest in the handmade.

Consultant Tasks

The first step to achieve success with our strategic plan is to develop more specific goals.  The work undertaken by the consultant will include a review of past and current MCML activities, EDI research, planning, target setting and program development with an EDI lens.


– Review past and current work with regard to EDI, looking for successes and failures.

– Revisit initiatives that were started, but then had to stop due to lack of resources or due to Covid interuptions.

– Research other organizations for successful EDI work that could be adapted for success at MCML.

– Develop specific goals and targets to help guide our efforts over the next three years.

– Ensure we can measure our success as we make progress over the next three years, and also in 2025 when we review/revise the Strategic Plan again.

– Develop a list of organizations and individuals in the community to partner with, and to further our goals.

– Research accessibility at MCML and develop a list of potential improvements to our infrastructure or on-site supplies, our on-site and digital presentation presentations, and to our staff training and awareness to ensure that we are more inclusive of people with disabilities.

– Determine budget implications for work to be achieved as a result of the planning and to achieve our goals.

EDI at MCML: Background Information

MCML has been working on various EDI projects and has firm plans for future work.

  1. Collections Research and Presentation

In summer 2021 we started a project to research all BIPoC items in our collection, add written information and new photographs, present the information through a variety of ways, including on-line content and an on-site exhibit. Working with the collection is an essential first step for MCML to decolonize. As a museum, the collections inform all our other activities.  Ensuring we have the best documentation and care for the BIPoC pieces is essential to offering public activities like exhibits and programming.

  1. Oral History

An Oral History Project undertaken starting in fall 2021 is ensuring representation of BIPoC artists in the collecting of personal craft stories.

  1. Contemporary Exhibit

We hosted an exhibit in summer 2022, curated by two BIPoC curators, and including five BIPoC artists; the exhibit showcased contemporary work that is informed by collections items at MCML.

  1. Upcoming Indigenous Beadwork, Embroidery and Quillwork Project

We have secured funding to work on a project to research pre-1900 Indigenous Beadwork, Embroidery and Quillwork from Manitoba. This project is in partnership with Ross House Museum, and involves museums across the province, researchers, Indigenous artists and Elders. The goals are to develop an exhibit and on-line content, facilitate direct access for Indigenous artists, create a long-term online database with information about the work included, and host public programming.

  1. Strategic Planning

During our Strategic Planning sessions diversity, equity and inclusion were identified as significant areas of improvement. Goals for EDI development are now in our new 2022-2025 Plan.  As part of the Strategic Plan process, we have also revised policies and our guiding principles to include diversity.

Estimated Budget

MCML is looking for proposals in the $4,000 – $5,000 range for this work.

Send your proposal and budget to:

Andrea Reichert, Curator | mcml@c2centreforcraft.ca

Additional information can also be obtained by calling (204) 615-3951

Deadline: December 15, 2022