CraftED: Spinning with Spindles Intensive with Helen Mawdsley

CraftED: Spinning with Spindles Intensive with Helen Mawdsley


Workshop Description:

The purpose of this workshop is to explore how to make handspun yarn using a range of spindles, and a range of fibres sourced in Canada. Participants will learn to spin, ply, and finish several small samples of 2- ply yarn by the end of the workshop series. Both suspended/drop spindles and supported spindles will be used in this workshop.
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common terms used to describe spindles and the process of making yarn.
  • Recognize different types of spindles for making handspun yarn.
  • Explain how a spindle works to make handspun yarn.
  • Discover how to make yarn using a range of spindles.
  • Compare various breeds of Canadian wool within the context of handspinning.
  • Analyze attributes of handspun yarn.


Workshop Instructor:  Helen Mawdsley

Helen is a fibre artist and woodturner. She enjoys being curious and exploring history, traditions, and new forms of craft. Her work has appeared in Spin Off magazine and Piecework magazine by Long Thread Media, Digits & Threads an online magazine for Canadian fibre and textile arts, crafts and industry, and also in the book 52 Weeks of Shawls with Laine Publishing Oy in Finland. 

With a doctorate in education, in this workshop series, she is combining her training in education with her passion for fibre arts and woodturning, to teach how to spin yarn with handspindles.


Workshop Runs:

February 4 + 11th,  2023 | 12:30-  3:30pm


Materials Provided:

3 drop spindles, 1 nostepinne, and 100g wool. Participants will get to take home all three spindles and nostpinne, all of which are handmade by the instructor out of Canadian hardwoods, and the fibre will be sourced from Canadian fibre farmers. Spindle bowls and additional spindles are available for purchase, if desired.

Materials To Bring:

Participants will need to provide a shallow teacup or saucer to use as a spindle bowl


Registration: $210

  • Registration is non-refundable


Registration deadline: January 18th, 2023


Register Online:

Registration for this class has reached capacity. Please contact [email protected] for wait list options. Our apologies and thank you!


Any questions regarding this workshop? 

Contact MCC Programme Coordinator, Katrina Craig at [email protected] or (204) 615-3951.