Artist Talk with Meaghan Fillion and Tashina Houle-Schlup

Artist Talk with Meaghen Fillion and Tashina Houle-Schlup

Two artists whose contemporary work is included in mámawihitowin |  Ganaagishkwadaadiwin  |  Asenbli  |  Rencontre  |  Gathering : Indigenous Beadwork, Embroidery and Quillwork will present 15-20 minute talks on the following topics.  A short Q & A session will follow.


Meaghen Fillion

Title: From Imposter to Artist Description: Imposter syndrome is real and often keeps us from knocking on doors and finding opportunities. It took me years to feel confident enough about my talents and to see myself as an artist. I’ve discovered that being an artist is an ongoing cycle of learning, taking chances, failing, disappointment, reflection, forgiveness, trying again, suceeding, admiring and growth. You may recognize a similar cycle in life. That’s because I see life as art and we are the artists. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors and take up space as an artist. Opportunities are waiting for you on the other side


Tashina Houle-Schlup

Title: Resurgence and Modernization of Quillwork Throughout Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries


Quillwork is perhaps one of the oldest art forms amongst the Indigenous people of Turtle Island, so it is incredibly remarkable how it has survived until today. Therefore, I would love the opportunity to discuss its near-extinction, resurgence and modernization throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries. For example, how techniques have changed and how it has become more of an art form rather than a specialty practice that spirituality was often woven into. I would also discuss how I apply old and new techniques when doing my quillwork and how I created my piece Abinoojiiyens Makizinan.


The artist talk will be held in-person at the C2 Centre for Craft for up to 40 participants.  Rush seating.  We will also be live-streaming the talk on Facebook (link to be posted closer to the event).