Accessibility for Pattern Makers & Users with Joanne Seiff

40-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session for those who write patterns or technical instructions, particularly in the fiber arts (knitwear, crochet, sewing patterns, written spinning, weaving how-to’s, and beyond), and those who use patterns and would like to think more about accessibility issues.

If you’re a designer, have you considered producing Low Vision Accessible versions of your designs? If you’re a maker with a disability, do you struggle to find accessible patterns or adjust patterns you purchase?

This program explores ways for both designers and crafters to make patterns, or the technical instructions we use, more accessible. Specific Low Vision format tips for those with limited vision will be provided as an example, but we’ll explore other disabilities and how they affect crafting, too. Accessibility comes in many forms and not every knitter/crafter can access conventionally produced patterns.

Join us in a presentation on some of the issues, as well as a small group discussion and a question and answer period. This event won’t give anyone “all” the answers- but it will offer us a place to explore some craft-specific disability-related questions.

About the instructor:

Joanne Seiff has a Master’s degree in Education and is the mom, sister, and aunt of people with disabilities. Joanne’s been providing Low Vision Accessible knitting pattern formats for her work for several years in an effort to boost accessibility in knitting design.

Joanne Seiff is the author of several books, including: Fiber Gathering, Knit Green, and Three Ply, as well as a knitwear designer, freelance writer, editor, and teacher. Joanne’s been knitting and spinning for more than 35 years, as well as sewing, weaving, dyeing, crocheting, rug hooking, and trying out other arts/crafts things, too. Joanne defines her practice simply as ‘a maker.’ Joanne shares her historic character home in Winnipeg with her professor partner, twins, and a bird dog.

Accessibility Information about the space: 329 Cumberland has wheelchair access around the right side of the building. The C2 Centre has gender-neutral family washrooms. If you require any accommodations related to this presentation please contact us at (204)615.3951 or via email at [email protected]

The Instructor has requested that all participants wear face masks. Thank you for complying. 

Admission is free.  Please consider a $5 donation if you are able.