The Weapons We Become: An Artist Talk with PJ Anderson

The Weapons We Become: An Artist Talk with PJ Anderson
February 8th, 2024 | 7pm CST
Online via Youtube Live HERE

Join PJ Anderson as she discusses the changing role of the racialized potter through her Ceramic works. With the fusion of traditional Cultural ceramic learning, the exploration of the everyday weaponization as artifacts of a nonnarrative future scape, her work challenges what it is we choose to value. What parts of ourselves, our histories and our futures  are seen as threatening, dangerous, and undecipherable, to others and to ourselves.

About the Artist
Pj Anderson is Caribbean/Métis artist from Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. She has shown internationally, as Resident Artist at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, China as a finalist in the International Ceramic Magazine Editors Associations (ICMEA) emerging artist competition, the United States; Unwedged at Pottery Northwest and across Canada. She has lectured for the University of Manitoba, the University of Kwazulu Natal, for the Manitoba Craft Council, and the Manitoba Craft Museum and Library. She teaches ceramics for both the City of Winnipeg and Winnipeg Art Gallery. She is the Current Director at Large for NCECA (National Council for the education in Ceramic Arts) and is the incumbent Director of Programming for NCECA 2024-2027  She is a recent MFA Graduate from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg Canada.