MCC Maker Challenge 2024

It’s back! We are excited to announce another round of the MCC Maker Challenge!

At the Manitoba Craft Council we are often asked “what is craft, and how is it different from visual art?” ⁠ This question is more complicated than it may seem. Craft isn’t just the materials we use, or creating a functional object. It’s found in the connection to materials, and the desire to expand knowledge and refine skills. ⁠This year the Maker Challenge prompts aim to explore the question “what is craft, anyway?!” through the Craft Spectrum, a guide to the many facets of craft, created by the Canadian Crafts Federation. ⁠Find the entire Craft Spectrum document HERE.


A new challenge will be posted every other Thursday at 5pm

Makers will have 10 days to create something in response to the weekly challenge. Submissions must be completed and emailed to [email protected] by midnight on the second Sunday (or 10 days) after the challenge post, with the subject line “Maker Challenge”.

Make sure to include your social media handles in your emails so we can tag you on Instagram, Facebook! Submissions will be posted on the following Wednesday at noon.

Works do NOT need to be finished. Rough ideas, sketches, mock-ups are all wonderful contributions. The maker challenge is about getting creative and experimenting, not about polished and completed works.

All ages are welcome – have fun and take some risks!

Follow the Manitoba Craft Council on Instagram for frequent updates! Find the current challenge below: