MCML Annual General Meeting


  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Land Acknowledgement
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Minutes of 2023 Annual General Meeting
  5. Waiver of Auditor for 2004
  6. Financial Report
    1. Approval of 2023 Financial Report
    2. Presentation of the 2024 Budget
  7. Presentation and Approval of 2023 Annual Report
  8. By-Law Changes (see below)
  9. Election of Directors
  10. Issues to Discuss
    1. Future Planning
    2. EDI Work at MCML
    3. Heritage Trust Fund
    4. Member Concerns
  1. Adjournment


Proposed changes to Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library By-Laws
To be approved by MCML Membership at 2024 AGM

6.0      Meetings

6.2      Quorum shall be 20% of the total number of current Members.

6.2      Quorum shall be 10% of the total number of current Members.

These proposed changes to the by-laws will be on the agenda for the 2024 AGM.

Can’t attend, but still want your voice and your vote to count?  Sign and send in your proxy!

Notice of Proxy 2024